Sa Ta Na Ma is a Kundalini Kriya that is said to assist in realizing one’s true divine nature. It is considered to be the most fundamental mantra in Kundalini Yoga. Sa is believed to represent birth, the beginning, infinity and the totality of everything that has ever been, is or will be. Placing the thumb and first finger together in Gyan mudra is believed to bring one knowledge and release from limitations.

Ta represents life and creativity, which manifests from infinity. The connection of the thumb and the middle finger in Shuni Mudra is believed to give one patience and purity. Na is change, death and the transformation of consciousness. Touching the thumb and the ring finger together in Surya mudra brings one vitality. Ma is rebirth and resurrection which allows us to consciously experience the joy of the infinite. The Buddhi mudra, bringing together the thumb to the pinky finger aids in clear communication. It is a powerful practice which you can experience in your own body and mind through a mere twelve minute daily practice.

It was introduced to the West by the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan in 1968. It has since then been of interest, not just to the yoga and spiritual communities, but also to the medical community, as a number of studies conducted at UCLA and the University of Pennsylvania revealed physiological benefits when chanting the mantra with the mudras. The Canadian Alzheimer Society recommends the practice to slow the effects of Alzheimers. Often science confirms what spiritual master have known.

The physical effects of the connection of the thumb and the index finger in Sa, increases the air element in the body, which stimulates the pituitary gland and the endocrine gland system. The thumb and middle finger in Ta increases the ether element within the body which assist in relieving congestion and detoxifies the body through the process elimination. Placing the thumb and ring finger together in Na, increases the earth element while decreasing the fire element within the body. This has a positive effect on bodily tissues which increases endurance, strength and aliveness. The thumb to the pinky finger in Ma, reduces the water element in the body. This helps to reduce excessive hormones and water retention. The practice of reciting the mantra with the mudra produces a powerful effect on the body.

Twelve minute practice:

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Much love and gratitude for the teachings and wisdom of the sages.

May this kriya assist you in your own spiritual growth,

Banish Foot Fungus the Natural Way

Okay, it’s not the loveliest of topics. But for many yogis walking in and out of studios (hot yoga or not) into change rooms with damp floors and many passing feet, foot fungal can become an issue. I know, it’s not usually what we think of or talk about when it comes to yoga. But, hey it’s not all Lululemon attire and handstands in bikinis on Bali beaches that a yoga practice is about, actually quite far from it.

Fungus loves dark, damp environments in which to thrive in. So, what can you do to keep fungus in check? First wear 100% cotton socks. The natural fibres absorb moisture which helps prevent your feet from being damp. I know, I know, no socks on the yoga mat! But you can wear them into the studio and after class into the change room. Keep a clean pair in your yoga bag for the sole (no pun intended) purpose of protecting those divine feet of yours from the nasty culprit of scaling skin and thick yellow nails. Don’t care for socks? No worries, drop a pair of flip-flops into your bag. You can wear them in and out and around the studio, even into the shower! Whichever you choose, keep your feet off the floors and dry them well after yoga classes.

Have fungus already and want to rid of it before it becomes a potential infection? Of course you do! Here are a few natural remedies to pamper your feet while creating a less than desirable environment for fungus to grow.

Epsom Salt Soak
Give your feet a soak in hot water up to three times a day. Drop a handful into a large bowl and relax while your feet receive a little love. Don’t have time to pull out a bowl, warm a kettle, sit down and soak your feet at work? No worries, kill two birds with one stone – Not literally of course, that would go against the Yama Ahimsa, non-harming, in a big way! Go to a class, reap the benefits of the practice (remembering you socks and/or flip-flops!) and then soak in a bath afterwards with Epsom salts.


Click here for Epsom Salt Recommendation.

Apple Cider Vinegar                                                                                                                             Good from head to toe, Apple Cider vinegar should be a staple in your kitchen. While it helps to make your hair silky and shiny and your skin soft and smooth, it also helps to rid of fungus! Ah, nature, blessing us with everything we need!
The acidity in vinegar helps to balance oH levels and gives relief from the itchiness of fungus. Use a 1:1 ratio as a foot soak or drop a cup of vinegar in your bath. And, no you won’t smell of vinegar when you dry off.


Click here for Apple Cider Vinegar recommendation.

Speaking of drying off, dry those feet of your really well! Any opportunity fungus has to grow, there it will be. Keep a clean, dry hand towel in your bag just for your feet.

Tea Tree Oil
Hip, hip hooray for essential oils! Tea Tree is known for it’s antibacterial, antimicrobial and fungicide properties. So, place a few drops in your Epsom Salt foot soak and be on your way to fungal free feet!


Click here for a Tea Tree oil recommendation.

Lastly, garlic! Not just for delicious, healthy meals, crushed garlic can help rid of foot fungus. Crush the garlic and create a foot soak with the crushed garlic or you can apply the crushed garlic, mixed with a little extra virgin olive oil or cold pressed organic coconut oil, directly onto your foot/feet. Push the garlic into the fungal areas and then wrap your foot/feet in cellophane. Get those clean cotton socks on and leave the application on for two to twelve hours. You can do this at home in the evening and leave overnight.
Have any other suggestions, let me know in the comments below. Together we can banish foot fungus from the yoga experience!


Much love,



What makes Meighlin’s Mists so extraordinary?

I’m delighted to share a beautiful and effective way to enhance your wellbeing through homeopathy and aromatherapy.
Prepared exclusively for Meighlin Yoga by Reiki Master and Healer Amahra Jaxen, Meighlin’s Mist combines Homeopathy & Aromatherapy in unique blends.
Purified vortex water is used in the mists, mimicking water tumbling over a waterfall, which restores the high-energy and crystalline structure that Mother Nature designed. Properly handled and respected, water holds memories and intelligence and is incredibly healing. In the subatomic realm, generally a six-sided structure is considered to be a living thing.
Because water carries memory, the water used in Meighlin’s Mists has undergone a 5 stage process to ensure that all negative particles and memory have been erased and the water has been restored to its proper crystalline state. It is then made electrically available to the human aura, and imprinted with special frequencies that relate to positive spiritual and emotional states.
In ancient times our music scale, called the Solfeggio Scale, was actually composed of six notes which were mathematically spaced according to Pythagorean Math. The Gregorian chants of the ancient Benedictine monks were sung in these special tones or frequencies which were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings during religious masses. They were intended for the soul. Apparently, the combination of these sacred tones and the Latin intonation, had the power to penetrate deep into the recesses of the subconscious mind and promote great healing and transformation.
The mists also carry special minerals which enhance your electrical field. Three essential oils are used in each mist to create a healing, restorative, and blissful effect.
Meighlin’s Mist will surround your energy field with a healing cloud that brings to you whatever the formula is designed to create; Love, Joy, or Oneness.
You can spray them on your pillow when you rest, around your head and face, in your car, or anywhere at anytime that you desire to feel light and joyous, grounded and centred or expansive and accepting.

Our first formula – LOVE, is imprinted with the frequency of 528 Hz, the frequency of love, miracles and of the heart centre. It is used in laboratories to repair damaged DNA. It is the sound of the sun recorded from outer space, the wavelength of the colour green or chlorophyll, which is the basis of life on our planet.
Our second formula – JOY, has the frequency of 396 Hz, which has the property of liberating guilt and fear, thus the ability to turn grief into joy.

Our third formula – ONENESS, is imprinted with the frequency of 963 Hz which awakens us to the state of our original system, which is Light and all Embracing Spirit. It yields a return to Oneness.

Meighlin’s Mists are the only ones of their kind; embracing the healing properties of pure tumbled water restored to its natural crystalline state, the known frequencies of healing, as well as the restorative properties of pure essential oils.

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Travel with Yoga

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to travel around the world spending two weeks, two months or two years sharing your love of Yoga? Well, it’s possible! Depending on your current commitments, your flexibility and desire, there are numerous opportunities to explore other countries, cultures and connect with various people of different backgrounds.

It may be a work/trade or an internship that suits you best. Or, maybe it’s a paid position that requires additional skills that you possess, that provides you the chance to be in a part of the world you’ve always been curious about. While there are as many ways to go about seeking opportunities, as there opportunities out there, Yoga Travel Jobs is a great site that lists an array of different arrangements, locations and specific skills needed at various retreat centres, studios, ashrams and organizations.

You could be in the Himalayas at an ashram developing your personal practice, while guiding others and having experiences that will deepen your understanding of Yoga. You could be surfing in Morocco teaching three classes a day to guests at a resort. The possibilities are open and endless.

I personally, love France! Especially, the south. Walking through the village markets with the plentitude of fresh fruits and vegetables, dried herbs, cheeses and breads makes my heart sing. The pace of living is so different from where I live, which isn’t even that faced-paced, but is still slower. While I know that visiting a country is quite different than living there, some places just speak to us more than others. And, France is that place for me.

Feeling inspired to expand my experiences and share the benefits of yoga, I recently checked to see what opportunities were listed on Yoga Travel Jobs. Alas, there was one that stood out for me, in France. Now I don’t want to say too much about it. Of course, you can click on Yoga Travel Jobs here and scroll through and find it. Check it out and see what jumps out for you!

And remember, we are only as limited as we believe ourselves to be.

Wishing you many exciting adventures,