Online Prenatal Course

Become a certified Prenatal Yoga teacher!

I am SO excited to offer this comprehensive 16hrs ONLINE Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training!

Have you been wanting to take your teaching to the next level? Do you want to feel confident in offering modifications to pregnant students? Do you desire to bring your love of yoga and wellbeing to expecting moms who can benefit greatly from Prenatal  Yoga throughout their pregnancy?

I created this comprehensive online training to provide the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to safely guide pregnant students through a nourishing yoga practice, at your pace, as your schedule permits, in your place.

After many requests, I have decided to offer this training on an ongoing basis! So you can now register and join other students enrolled in the training. Connect with them on the Private Facebook Group Page, take the course at your own pace and gain certification to teach Prenatal Yoga.

Learn how to modify yoga asana for each trimester, understand the considerations and know the contraindications for specific poses and learn how to guide expecting women through pranayama and simple meditation practices, that will help to calm the mind, relax the body and assist them in labour.

Offer pregnant women a safe space to restore their energy, embrace their pregnancy and prepare for a truly beautiful and monumental moment in their life, birth.

Feel confident teaching Prenatal Yoga!

Enrol at:

Are you wanting to take this comprehensive Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training and make a positive contribution to pregnant women’s lives by offering PrenatalYoga classes in your community, if so, this course is for you!

*You will receive three videos addressing the concerns and considerations of each trimester, with demonstrations of beneficial asana and information on which ones to avoid and why. You will receive one video each week, for the first three weeks. They will be part of your study material, that you can refer back to at anytime.

* You will receive the course material in your inbox, each week. In each session you will learn specific beneficial asana, modified for each trimester, to ensure a safe and effective yoga practice for expecting moms, as well as specialized techniques such as pranayama and meditation, to help sooth the physical discomforts and emotional changes during pregnancy, and to assist women in preparing for a more focused and calming birth experience.

*In addition, you will receive reference material, a suggested reading list and helpful information on beneficial herbs and teas throughout pregnancy, along with a list of those to avoid, and tips on creating a safe space for women to feel supported through their pregnancy which will be emailed to you as a downloadable pdf.

*You will be able to join The Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Private Facebook Group that will allow you to connect with other students and share your thoughts, questions, experiences and insights, while also being supported both through your training, as well as, once you bring the teachings into your community.

* Upon completion and submission of the final session assignment, you will receive your Prenatal Yoga Teaching Certificate, via email. It will be sent in both printable pdf format, as well as a jpeg, so that you can provide your training certificate to studios, community centres and locations you desire to teach at.

Join me on this beautiful journey of learning to safely guide expecting women through a nourishing yoga practice during a sacred time in a woman’s life.

Enrol at:

If you wish to bring this Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training to your studio, community centre, non-profit organization, retreat centre or community location, please email me directly at

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