A big fan of yours!

“Thank you for offering the prenatal class! Meighlin is an excellent teacher and I very much enjoyed my two prenatal yoga series with her.” – Meredith C.

“My partner and I absolutely loved the class! The instruction was above and beyond what I’ve had in any baby-and-me classes. Meighlin is so graceful and aware of the needs of the class. I practiced yoga for several years before my pregnancy and in the class was really the first time I was comfortable in my own skin since having my little one. Thank you so much for giving me something to look forward to through a very trying time in my life.”  -Danielle Bergeron

“Meighlin’s classes have been transformative for me, a senior with many of the “predictable” symptoms of aging.  Her holistic approach creates a space of contemplation, challenge and revelation: what a gift to be able to be guided by such a yoga angel.” –Julie Kehler
“I’ve had the pleasure of taking many of Meighlin’s prenatal yoga classes. Meighlin’s instruction was always thoughtful and intentional. The poses always seemed to get to exactly the right spots for expecting mamas and the breathing exercises were especially helpful in the hospital, and now at home with the challenges of having a new babe. I highly recommend Meighlin’s classes!” -Laura
“My definition of true beauty, inside and out. I attend two of Meighlin’s classes each week; Hatha yoga at the Seniors Centre and a posture and strength yoga at the Rec Center. She is the best teacher I have ever experienced.” –Amahra Jaxen
“I love Meighlin yoga clsses. She is wise and talented yoga teacher. The yoga is done in such a safe and supportive manner. Thank you Meighlin for the wonderful experience!!!” –Clara
“I took two of Meighlin’s prenatal yoga classes and they were amazing! Not only was the yoga a wonderful physical and mental relief for all of us, but Meighlin helped us prepare for our journey with lots of positive (and sometimes humorous) stories of her own experiences.  Her classes were usually the highlight of my week and I would absolutely recommend them to everyone!” –Jessica
“I had a wonderful experience with Meighlin in prenatal yoga. She was great at adapting poses to ensure that I was getting the most benefit from the session that day. I’d tell her where I was tight or sore, and she’d cater the session. Everything about the practice was intentional and thoughtful and the classes were a beautiful way to feel strong and connect with my baby! Highly recommended!” –Zahida